It is through writing and reading that we come to know ourselves, express ourselves, and connect with one another. Writing and reading are acts of freedom and power. They should also be practices filled with joy.

Nestled in the woods of Midcoast Maine, once a working barn and a storied dance hall, the Merry Barn is the perfect setting to explore the power of words, create and share with others, and send our voices into the world.

The Merry Barn Writers’ Retreat is the long-held dream of Stephanie Noyes McSherry, passionate educator and lifelong lover of words.

Renovations are complete. A haven for all ages, the Merry Barn opens this summer with a host of offerings for children, educators, and fellow community members.

Writing Adventures for Kids


The world is waiting to hear your voices! Week-long Writing Adventures will fill the barn with laughter, play, and self-expression.

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Professional Learning for Educators


Literacy workshops in the Merry Barn inspire teachers to uncover every child’s unique gifts, and help students stretch and grow.

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Community Partnerships


The Merry Barn Writers’ Retreat welcomes partnerships with community members and businesses in the form of individual donations and corporate sponsorships. Be part of the Vision!

Community Events & Gathering Space


The Merry Barn is available for rent to local writers’ groups, book groups, artists, musicians, and all types creative and curious.


“I write to make sense of the world -- both the world around me, and my own internal landscape. Writing peels back the hardened layers to reveal the true self, the child’s heart. This is one of the reasons I love writing with children: their words are genuine, they speak in truths.” - Stephanie Noyes McSherry