With expertise, experience, and passion, these teachers uncover every child’s unique gifts, and help students stretch and grow -- in intellect and curiosity -- and as human beings. Literacy workshops in the Merry Barn will provide educators with opportunities to reflect upon and refine professional practices in the company of supportive, skillful colleagues. 

In a beautiful space designed to nurture creativity, self-reflection, and joy, we will explore powerful ways to know our students as writers and readers; and the responsive teaching that allows every child to thrive. Offerings vary and include Teacher As Writer; Developing Our Students’ Reading and Writing Identities; Writing Workshop Foundations; Creating Engaging & Diverse Classroom Libraries; Powerful Teaching Within a Balanced Literacy Framework; Stages of Literacy Development and Text Complexity; Designing Units of Study in Reading and Writing; Navigating the Nuances of Nonfiction; Assessing What Matters; Comprehension Strategies; Developing Student Literacy Profiles. 

We will develop our repertoire of successful practices by sharing experiences and looking closely at relevant research -- past and present -- in the world of literacy. In a time when educators are faced with increasing student needs, and a steady stream of new curriculum and initiatives, it is ever more important for teachers to have time to reflect, reset, and refocus on our purpose -- the myriad reasons why we chose, and continue to choose, this incredible work. All workshops will include written self-reflection on who we are as educators, and who we strive to become. 

Each workshop will include time for wellness activities, exploring the area at lunch, and delicious snacks provided by a local pastry chef.  Teachers deserve to be nurtured!

Participants earn 15 contact hours toward recertification. 



“Stephanie has been an invaluable member of the literacy community in this district.  Stephanie’s extensive literacy background and keen sense for needs assessment contribute to her ability to discern how best to support schools toward their vision for quality literacy instruction and students’ growth.”  

- Judy Johnson, ELA Coordinator, MSAD 75

“Stephanie is a unique and rare individual who, above all, is dedicated to what is in the best educational interest for learners. This includes both young and adult learners.”

- Ryan Keith, Principal, Bowdoin Central School

“Stephanie’s knowledge of children’s literature is expansive. She helped support and transition a staff that taught reading using an anthology to a group of teachers who cannot stop seeking out the perfect book for a child, lesson, book group, or read aloud. As a team, we feel lucky to have had the opportunity to work alongside Stephanie; and we have benefitted tremendously from her literacy expertise.”

- Erin McCoy, Literacy Coach, Winchester, MA; Former Grade 5 Teacher, Georgetown, MA

“Words cannot express my appreciation for Stephanie, both as a person and as an educator. Her love of children and literacy knows no bounds. One of Stephanie’s greatest strengths is her holistic approach to education, understanding the importance of getting to know the child as a person first: their likes and dislikes, interests, what makes them tick, and what may be going on in their home life. I fondly referred to her room as “Barnes and Noble” due to the sheer number of books she had available. Stephanie led incredible professional development meetings during which she always reminded us to trust our professional judgment.”

- Emily Rice, Grade 2 Teacher, Bowdoin, ME

“I had the pleasure of taking a graduate course taught by Stephanie. It was infused by her creativity, from the unique format she developed to meet our needs to the interesting, fun variety of tasks we completed to grow together. She was always sure to make our work relevant to what we were doing in our own classrooms and directly impact our students' learning. Stephanie brings a depth of knowledge and experience to everything I've seen her do. Her passion for literacy, learning, and children are inspiring and contagious. The time I spent in her course brought value to not just my teaching, but also my personal reading and writing life.”

- Beth Pomerleau, Kindergarten Teacher, Harpswell, ME

Help Students Stretch and Grow

Teachers deserve to be nurtured!