Week-long Writing Adventures will fill the barn with laughter, play, and self-expression. Children ages 7-9, and 10-13, will explore a variety of genres together, and write what they choose within a workshop structure. We will immerse ourselves in different genres by reading selections from various authors and poets. Children will work as writers do -- controlling the topics, the genres, and the methods in which they write, with frequent feedback and opportunities to share works-in-progress. We will Skype or visit with a published author, who will share his/her personal process and help us tap into our own.

We will also immerse ourselves in reading, performance {Poetry Slam & Readers’ Theater}, nature, music & movement, art and culture. There will be time each day for independent reading, where kids read books of their choosing and talk within a community of readers. Read Alouds and Book Talks will deepen our love of words. Each week will culminate with an Author’s Tea, to celebrate with families and friends.

Writers of any and all abilities welcome! Bring your ideas and enthusiasm. Feedback is individualized.  




“You are a great literacy teacher. I did not like writing before I was in this school and you made it really fun. Now I love reading and writing so very much. I love going to author’s tea.”

— Emma, Grade 1 Student

“What I always took away from your Authors’ Teas and classroom writing celebrations was the sense that writing of all sorts can -- and should -- be celebrated. Your encouragement helped my son and daughter see the value in all forms of writing – not only the planned-out stories or projects with multiple drafts and finishing touches, but also in the handwritten thank-you notes and recipes they created together through trial and error.”

Carolyn F., Parent, Bowdoin, ME

“Stephanie McSherry is truly a gift to children and teachers alike.”

Anne D., Parent, Georgetown, MA

“Stephanie has a passion for working with kids, and she is strong at helping learners no matter their strengths or weaknesses in literacy. She also took the time to write notes of encouragement and appreciation for students’ writing. At our home, our son greatly valued her notes; and as a parent, I greatly valued the time she took to acknowledge a reluctant writer’s efforts.”

Jessie B., Parent & Grade 4 Teacher, Lewiston, ME

Individualized & Inspired

Merry Barn is the perfect setting to explore the power of words, create and share with others, and send our voices into the world.